Online article- Our trust in technology

Online article- Our trust in technology

Article by Phillip. J. Nickel- Trust in Technological Systems– looks at the impact of technologies, especial medical, in our lives and the amount of trust we have placed on them for survival. The article signals future change as it looks at technology as a “practically indispensable means for satisfying one’s basic interests in all central areas of human life including nutrition, habitation, health care, entertainment, transportation, and social interaction.” He argues that there is a lot a stake philosophically in our reliance on technology creating a change in the tech world completely. I believe this change is important as it could trigger new products that cater to the future effects of technology or services that target tech-related illness such as carpal tunnel syndrome from continuous typing. If you were to amplify the situation
, the failure of technology would have a major influence on our behavior and may lead to substantial risks, uncertainties and consequences therefore room for improvement could lead to new innovations.


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